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Our Story

As a licensed cosmetologist since 1981, I've really enjoyed making women and men happy. I believe in total hair care and educating customers to maintain and manage a healthy hair lifestyle. Witnessing the excitement people experience after being serviced is vitalizing, which is why I believe in taking hair care to a whole different level. I'm confident in the services that I provide. Since 1981-present, I've continued to attend additional educational hair classes to remain sharp and updated on the latest technologies and hair trends and styles. During the journey of making all walks of life so beautiful, I’ve also continued to build confidence in the clientele by equipping customers with knowledge of their own hair and unique management techniques.

In recent years I’ve learned we are in crises! After acknowledgment of many people experiencing hair loss and rapid loss of strands, I decided to venture into the other side of hair care known as Trichology. Now, as a graduate of The National Institute of Trichology, I can help those who are losing their strands with modern technology and knowledge of.

Mission Statement

My mission in life is to help others fill pretty inside and outside, at Mane if you don't feel well or look good I'm here!


Trichology is a para-medical it has been a service for over 100 years, it helps with all scalp disorders. I can help minimize your condition, either changing your diet or laser treatment.